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Insurance Adjusters

By: Michael B. Murphy Q.C., Senior Partner

All too often an injured party believe that the insurance adjuster represents them too. 

If the person is an independently contracted adjuster then in theory it’s true. In reality though the adjuster represents the interests of the insurance company only.  They are paid by the company not you. What we do at the Mike Murphy Accident Team is usually have you deal with your own insurance company but only after we have cleared the file of any obstacles or problems. However never do you deal with the insurance of the at fault party. 

Insurance companies have stables of experts to help them.  Our team does too. There are other plaintiff firms that do the same. Some don’t. Always ask about the availability they have to experts in various domains like accident reconstruction, psychiatry, functional capacity analysis and more.  

To have peace you must always be prepared for war. 

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