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The Importance of Winter Tires for Atlantic Canada's Infamous Winters

Updated: Sep 13, 2023

Living in Atlantic Canada during winter is no joke. With heavy snowfalls, ice storms, and slippery roads, you must ensure that your vehicle is equipped with the right tires.

This is a legitimate concern for drivers who want to keep themselves and their family safe on the road.

Tread Design

All-weather tires are usually equipped with a tread design to handle all types of road conditions, but winter tires are specifically designed to provide better grip in slick conditions. Winter tire treads feature deeper, wider grooves that help displace snow and slush and prevent hydroplaning. Plus, the tread on winter tires includes tiny slits called sipes which provide better grip as the tires compress against the road, making them ideal for a rough winter in Kent County.

Rubber Composition

Another thing that sets winter tires apart from all-season radials is the rubber compound. Winter tire rubber is designed to be softer, allowing it to remain flexible in extreme cold conditions. This enables the tire to grip the road better, especially in the wet and ice.

Braking Capability

Winter tires and all-season radials come with different stopping abilities. Winter tires are designed to stop you faster in colder weather, especially when the weather is freezing or has just snowed. All-season radials have been created to be sturdy in different conditions, but they cannot provide a decreased stopping distance to the extent that winter tires will.

Trust us, you don't want to end up having rear-ended another vehicle on the way to work.

Temperature Limits

A significant difference between the winter and all-season tires is the temperature requirement. All-seasons are meant to perform in a wide range of temperatures, but not winter tires. Winter tires are specially made to function under 7°C, enabling them to work efficiently in our rigid winters. All seasons become brittle, lose grip, and slide.

The Law and Safety

While New Brunswick and Nova Scotia have still has not made winter tires a requirement by law, taking the cheap route comes with a safety risk that is too big to ignore, and we continue to encounter arguments from insurance companies even when their driver caused the accident.

Prepare for Winter 2024

After the end of the winter season, many auto service centres will discount their winter tires. While we know everyone wants to enjoy the warm weather this summer, your family will thank you if you take the time to prepare for next year. December is already around the corner.

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