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What to expect when you reach out

Updated: Jun 17, 2020

By: Taylor Morin, Associate Lawyer

When a potential client contacts our firm, by phone or in person, they are met immediately by our Senior Partner, Mr. Michael B. Murphy, Q.C. During this initial meeting, Mr. Murphy conducts a preliminary interview and answers any initial questions that the client might have.

Immediately following that initial meeting, the client is contacted by one of the firm’s associates for an in-depth interview. During this interview, the associate gathers information regarding the details of the accident, the injuries sustained by the client, and the impact that those injuries are having on the client’s ability to complete their activities of daily living/employment. The process is then explained to the client and a package is provided to them which contains information about the firm, an explanation of the litigation process, and several legal forms and releases that permit the firm to act on the client’s behalf.

Once the client has decided to retain the firm, a meeting is scheduled between Mr. Michael B. Murphy, Q.C. and the client. During this meeting, Mr. Murphy provides a detailed overview of the litigation process, an explanation of the insurance benefits that are available to the client, and answers any other questions that the client might have.

Once the required releases and forms are returned to the firm, the firm begins gathering all necessary medical and financial evidence from third parties. Also, during this time, the firm ensures that the client has access to the medical benefits that are available to them pursuant to the NBPF No. 1 – Standard Owner’s Policy for New Brunswick. These benefits include coverage for medical expenses and in some cases, a wage replacement benefit. At all times, the firm is available to the client to answer any questions and to facilitate access to the insurance benefits that they are entitled to.

Once a file is opened, the firm files a Notice of Action with Statement of Claim Attached against the individual or individuals who caused the accident. The firm then ensures that the Action is personally served on all Defendants. It is not only our responsibility but is our utmost priority that all deadlines are met pursuant to the New Brunswick Limitation of Actions Act and the Rules of Court. After all deadlines have been met, the Firm monitors the client’s progress and ensures that they are receiving the help that they require during their rehabilitation.

Within our team, we prioritize communication with our clients and ensure that they are continually updated regarding the status of their file. All calls and emails are returned within the hour and a system is put in place to ensure that two lawyers are reviewing and monitoring the file on a continual basis. At our firm, we work hard to ensure that our clients are updated and that they are receiving the support that they require.

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