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We believe...

That working with a lawyer shouldn’t be difficult, scary or confusing. 

That you shouldn’t have to play phone tag or go through a chain of command to speak with the lawyer you hire.  

That your legal team should deliver peace of mind, support and expert guidance. 

We believe in helping you understand your options when it comes to legal needs, so if you have questions about your unique situation, please don’t hesitate to reach out. The Mike Murphy Law Group is committed to answering you directly - not via assistants or paralegals. When you need help, you’ll get right to the source.  

We promise.

Our history

For over 35 years, Mike Murphy has been putting his legal expertise, and that of his team, to work helping Maritimers achieve a solution to even the most complex injury cases involving motor vehicles or disability policies. 

Our team of associates, paralegals and administrative staff are committed to returning your calls, emails and inquiries within the day, so don’t hesitate to reach out.

Giving back to the communities we practice in is important to us, that’s why we’re proud to support the following charities and local initiatives New Brunswick:

The Friends of the Moncton Hospital Foundation

Food banks around the Greater Moncton Area

Bobby's Hope House at Hospice Greater Saint John

Royal Canadian Legion - Moncton Branch

Crossroads for Women

The team is also sponsoring ploughed fields on a farm just outside of Moncton where 100 chickens will be raised and vegetables will be grown to help feed those in our communities.


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Community engagement

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